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(Sycamore Office)
Chris Calderazzo


3rd Grade:
Lewis:     M 12:55-1:45
               W 10:30-11:20
Perotti:    T  10:30-11:20
               W 11:20-!2:10
Polyzos:  T  12:55-1:45
               W 11:20-12:10
Vasconi:  M 10:30-11:20      
               Th 10:30-11:20
4th Grade:
Buhler:   T 9:35-10:25
              W 9:35-10:25      
Miller:    M  9:35-10:25
             W  8:45-9:35       
Tontz:    M  8:45-9:35
             Th 1:25-2:15
Wettig:  T  1:45-2:35
             Th 9:35-10:25       
5th Grade:
Crosthwait: T  8:45-9:35
                   Th 2:15-3:05
Gray:          M 11:20-12:10
                  Th 11:20-12:10
Maghami:  T 11:20-12:10
                 Th 8:45-9:35



 I love science


I am so excited to continue teaching Sycamore's upper grade students in the science lab this year! We are going to have a great time exploring, designing, creating, reasoning, and working together. Third grade students get to come to lab once a week to add to the curriculum being taught in the classroom. Fourth and fifth graders will be in the lab twice a week, exploring different aspects of the standards being taught in class. I will be working closely to support all classroom teachers.
The best way to reach me is by email


5th grade students: 
You are invited to join with a high school mentor to do a science fair project! This program has gotten rave reviews from past Sycamore participants- give it a try!
The flyer is attached below. A parent must attend one of the informational meetings listed on the flyer for the student to be able to participate. The program concludes with a huge science fair in the spring. Let's make Sycamore proud with lots of awesome scientists participating!


Question: Scientists wonder about the world
Hypothesis: A "best guess" about what will happen
      Null hypothesis: What I don't want to see happen; opposite of hypothesis
Experiment: How to prove/disprove hypothesis
Collect data: Run the experiment
Report Results: Graphs and charts summarize data
                         Write conclusion


There are two science grades shown on your student’s report card. The science lab grades are shown as the “participation” grade.
The “concept” grade is the formal assessment grade, and that is assigned by your student’s classroom teacher.
In the science lab, your student’s grade will be determined through formal and informal assessment practices. I will periodically collect student journals, classwork, and lab notes. I will observe classroom behavior while conducting experiments and listening to instructions. I will consider participation in class discussions and if students come to class prepared with their supplies, and are ready to learn. Students will be made aware of these expectations at the beginning of the school year, and they will be posted in lab as well.
If your student is meeting expectations on a consistent basis, they will receive a grade of 3 on their report card. If a child receives a 2 or below, I will be looking for improvement on behavior and/or lab work. Lab notes will come home occasionally, as will a “Mystery Student” slip giving you the opportunity to know how things are going in science lab. Report card grades should never be a surprise.
If you ever have a question, please ask.
Chris Calderazzo


Sally Ride
Sally Ride became the first American woman to go into space when she flew on the space shuttle Challenger on June 18, 1983.


Science is fun. Science is curiosity. We all have natural curiosity. Science is a process of investigating. It's posing questions and coming up with a method. It's delving in. 


Science is EVERYWHERE! Visit some of these hotspots in the Bay Area:
Oakland Zoo
San Francisco Zoo
Lawrence Hall of Science (hands-on exhibits in Berkeley hills)
Exploratorium (a hands-on science museum in San Francisco)
San Francisco Museum of Science (Golden Gate Park)
San Francisco Aquarium (Pier 39)
Monterey Bay Aquarium
San Francisco Arboretum, Japanese Tea Gardens, and Botanical Gardens (Golden Gate Park)
San Jose Tech Museum (hands-on exhibits in San Jose)