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Art Docent


Sycamore Art Program
     The mission of the Sycamore Art Program is to inspire every child to be an artist!  Over the course of the school year children will learn, explore and be enriched in the arts. Minds and hearts will be engaged through verbal, kinesthetic, visual, musical, and analytical techniques.  

     The Sycamore Art Program allows Kindergarten – Fifth graders to grow as artists in developmentally appropriate ways. Each student will be exposed to art history, art genres, and famous artists, who have made wonderful contributions to our world.  It is our vision that every child becomes familiar with the Elements of Art, and the Principles of Design.  Students will be exposed to various media and art styles over the course of each year and throughout their time at Sycamore. Children will have the opportunity to grow their confidence through the arts and celebrate their individuality!