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Site Council Members 2023-2024

Brittney Page - Chairperson
Sarah Cain - Parent Rep 
Ken Claffey - Parent Rep
Steven Garrett - Parent Rep
Brittney Page - Parent Rep
David Suarez - Parent Rep
Laura Cox - Alt. Parent Rep
Asia Plahar -Alt.Parent Rep
Certificated Staff:
Amanda Howard - 4th Grade 
Lisa Matejka - 2nd Grade
Janine Koeltl - Kinder
Classified Staff:
Barbara Jones - Office Manager
Patricia Kawahara - Principal

Site Council

Role of the Sycamore Valley Elementary School Site Council

School Site Councils are based on the idea that education should be a joint effort of parents, teachers, administrators and other school staff.
  • Site Council serves as the representative body of the school community for reviewing and determining the focus of the school’s academic instructional program.
  • Site Council provides an opportunity to develop shared leadership and to improve communication between staff and parents.
  • Site Council is a place to discuss school programs, opportunities and issues and to educate members of the school community. 
What is Site Council Responsible For?
  • Maintaining a comprehensive school plan (The Single Plan for Student Achievement) that addresses strategies to meet academic standards and the overall Sycamore Valley School vision. 
  • Reviewing the Comprehensive School Safety Plan.
  • Reviewing results of the Healthy Kids Survey.
  • Periodically examining schoolwork, math and writing samples in accordance with academic goals and reviewing standardized test results.
  • Monitoring and maintaining appropriate goals as established in the school plan.
Site Council, PTA and Shark Fund
Site Council acts in an advisory role and in conjunction with Shark Fund and Sycamore Valley PTA. Board members and officers of all three organizations routinely attend each others meetings to foster ongoing collaboration. Site Council supports school improvement programs like: 
  • Early intervention specialists for reading and math;
  • Perceptual Motor for Kindergarten;
  • Orton-Gillingham Phonemic Awareness Program;
  • Rainbow Room;
  • Para educators for every classroom;
  • Staff development;
  • Teacher coaching;
  • Data analysis and assessment; and
  • GATE program.
When does Site Council meet?
  • Site Council meets at least five times a year in the staff lounge.
  • Meeting dates, agendas, meeting minutes and school site plans are updated on the Site Council Page. 
  • Site Council meeting dates are also published in the Shark Bites newsletter.
  • All Sycamore parents are welcome to attend Site Council meetings.
Who is on Site Council?
The Site Council consists of ten members, which includes the principal, classified staff members, teachers and parent representatives. 
Parent representatives are elected by the parent community each spring to serve on Site Council for a two year term.
Site Council Elections
Site Council elections are held each spring. During the election period election information, candidate bios and ballots are published and accessible on this page, through regular school communication and in the school office. Please watch your regular school communications for election information or feel free to contact the Site Council Chairperson for more information.
Single Plan for Student Achievement
Safety Plans
  • Location: Virtual Meetings
  • Time: 4:00 PM 
  • All Sycamore parents are welcome to attend.
2023-2024 Meeting Dates
  • September 14, 2023
Agendas for upcoming meetings:
Meeting Minutes 2023-2024
Prior meeting agendas:
Prior Meeting Minutes