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  •  No unattended parking in any lane during these times.
         7:30-8:15 AM
         1:45-3:00 PM
  • Pick up students (grades 1-5) in front of the school/or on the Blacktop.
  • Only kindergarten students may be met by their parents
     in the kindergarten yard. Kindergarten students escorted
     by siblings must exit in the front of the school.
  •  Use crosswalks when crossing the street.  WAIT to be 
     escorted across the walk.
  •  No diagonal parking at any time.
  •  If you find it necessary to leave your car, please park in the parking lot.
  •  No parking in the red zones.
  •  You must stay at your car at all times when waiting in the
     drop-off and pick-up lanes in front of the school.
  •  The two lanes closest to the parking lot are for moving
     traffic only.

As adults we should model appropriate behavior for our children.

All of us are concerned with providing a safe environment for our Sycamore Valley students.